When will showing respect become our cultural norm?

Our bodies deserve to be treated with respect. If you’ve ever been in a situation where someone didn’t respect your “no” to having sex, I’m sorry, and I’ve been there too. Sexual assault is far too common in our world, and all sexual assault comes from someone disrespecting someone else.

There are few words to describe what it feels like to be treated with such lack of respect, so while it may be hard to describe, know you’re not alone in those feelings. If you’re like me, some of those feelings were loneliness, worthlessness, disgust, and anger. I couldn’t believe that anyone would ever dare to something like that to me, I was convinced I wasn’t the same person I was before being assaulted. That I could never view my body in the same way again. 

The truth is, your body isn’t somehow “less than” it was before just because someone decided not to respect your wishes. Those people do not deserve to be given any power to take away your body’s value. It’s not their power to have. God is the one who made each of us, and our value to him is irreplaceable. You’re so valuable to him, that he gave up his Son’s life for you, and he will never regret that decision.