My Writing

I am writing a devotional that speaks light into the truths about us as people who were created by God with a purpose on this earth to fulfill, with the hope that all who read it will experience a freedom that can only come from God.

Upon feeling the call to take the next step in my passion for women’s ministry, I decided that if I was going to lead a group of women through a curriculum at a Bible study, then I was going to write that curriculum. There is a very specific message that God has laid on my heart that He wants people to know, and I chose to communicate that message in the form of a book. The desire to lead women in ministry is one that I have had for many years. God always has the best timing for when to open doors in our lives, and He chose now as the time to open one for me in the form of this book.

Words aren’t something that have ever come naturally to me. Any time that I write lessons, I first pray and ask God to help give me the words he wants his people to hear. After praying, the next little bit is spent on meditating on the subject that the lesson itself focuses on and researching various Bible verses that fit within that subject. Once I find the right verses to fit the subject of the lesson, the rest of the words start to flood in. God is the perfect writer, there’s no better source to lean on for inspiration.

My hopes for my book are that it would enable people to see the truth of who they were made to be more clearly, experience a love unlike any they have before, and be freed from the lies of the world we live in. As a result of writing this book, I see myself in a whole new light. Historically, I never saw myself as a person that communicate messages effectively. I find myself often searching for just the right words in my head when talking to people. It’s very freeing to know that I don’t ever need to have the right words, because God will give them to me. I am just the messenger.

A prayer of mine for all who read my book is for those readers to create a culture of speaking truth into those around them, as well as not being afraid to call out any lies they believe or are facing.